Review of Book “Ada’s legacy” by Yishai Feldman

Yishai Feldman from IBM Research Haifa wrote a review of book “Ada””””””””””””””””s legacy” for the ACM Computing Reviews May 13, 2016 issue:

“Known as the first computer programmer, and popularized by the programming language named after her, who really was Augusta Ada, Countess of Lovelace, and what does she signify for us? Ada’s legacy, a collection of papers based on a 2013 conference, gives a number of answers from different points of view. …”

The full review can be found here

Note: a CORRECTION in the book has been made. See the comment below made by Tom Misa (a current ACM History Committee member and a former Committee Chair).

One thought on “Review of Book “Ada’s legacy” by Yishai Feldman

  1. Thanks to Yishai Feldman for spotting some slip-ups in mathematical typesetting. To their great credit, Morgan & Claypool have done and posted a *revised edition* that corrects several of the most serious errors. NOTE: the “world”s first computer program” — Ada Lovelace”s algorithm for the Bernoulli numbers — is now available in a full-size high-resolution scan from the 1843 original. You can find the url embedded in the new version or directly here .

    We looked at the 1843 original manuscript carefully, and noticed several “apparent typos” were either archaic notations (using “delta” but not in its usual differential calculus way) or likely original mistakes or typos, which are difficult to resolve. A full-blown assessment of the mathematics in the “Sketch” remains to be done. (See Petzold”s masterful Annotated Turing: A Guided Tour Through Alan Turing”s Historic Paper on Computability and the Turing Machine at .)

    Best, Tom Misa